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Did somebody said FETISH ????

This time it goes about high heels. What fetishist isn't mad about high heels shoes ?
Lot of makers do fantastic shoes: patent shoes, sandals, boots, ballet boots, plus extremely high heeled platforms.

But who can pretend to have a pair of UNIQUE high heels shoes ?
Well, not everybody... and what a pleasure when you are that one !!!

During my many hours spend on the net, I discovered a model that has a pair of very unique high heels shoes. What a beautifull model and whatta shoes !!!

Mina, the french Petite-Fetish-Model.
Hey, if you want to read more about Mina, see our Models Interviews Section, or simply visit her web site, you won't regret it, I swear it !!! Mina's web site address is http://minamodel.free.fr/

Totally hand made, the shoes fit perfectly Mina's feet.
The platforms are already unique but the heels are somewhat more than that, they are simply masterpieces.

Here's what Mina says about her unbelievable shoes:
Yes, they're great, a friend of mine who make knife of art made them just for me, they're totally on my measures.
I can walk with them even if they are really uncomfortable, but so beautiful that I can suffer a little ; I'm completly crazy about high heels such these ones !!

Hope you enjoyed the reading and the view, untill next WOW Page,