Miss November 2008: Nicotine

I'm a professional fetish model based in Washington, DC.

I regularly attend fetish and bdsm events throughout North America.

On October 12, I produced my first fetish event Capitol Punishment with DJ Xris SMack! (SMack!, Stimulate) from New York City.

I'm also a latex fetishist, a voyeur and a switch and I've been active in the bdsm scene since I was 19 years old.


Secret Magazine: Nicotine is probably a pseudo. From where is it coming from, what is your real name and where do you come from?

Nicotine: I'm from Washington, DC. My alias is a variation of a screen name I had back in high school that I just held onto when I started modeling.

Secret Magazine: Why and when did you start to model?

Nicotine: I started modeling just before I turned 20, so I got off to a late start, compared to some of my friends who model. I got into it because one of my college friends and I started advertising on Craigslist to get guys to send us free clothes. Then I realized how much I enjoyed being a model, so it became a hobby. Now it's my full time job.

Secret Magazine: If you had to categorize you modelling style, would it be more Fashion, Glamour, Gothic or Fetish? Fetish

Nicotine: Most of what I do could be considered glamour, bondage, or fetish fashion. I've been heavily involved in the Goth scene since age 14, although I know many people would not consider my look to be especially Gothic.

Secret Magazine: Can you tell us how do you feel beeing an fetish/gothic model... is it an advantage and why?

Nicotine: I can't imagine doing anything else. Granted, having piercings and tattoos can be limiting when it comes to mainstream modeling but I'm rather short, so my chances of breaking in there are slim to none, anyway.

Secret Magazine: What is your personal fetish(es)? What gives you the biggest rush?

Nicotine: My biggest fetishes are latex, corsets, and extreme heels. Latex is incredibly sensual to wear and there's nothing like the sense of accomplishment I get from being able to cinch down to 18" in a tightlaced corset. It's a huge rush.

Secret Magazine: What are your preferences for music ?

Nicotine: My favorite singers are David Bowie, Nick Cave, and Tom Waits. I also listen to a lot of Goth, industrial, EBM, hard house, and some metal.

Secret Magazine: What are your preferred outfit, materials and shoes? Explain us why ?

Nicotine: I'm completely in love with my black latex catsuit. It fits like a glove and I love the attention I get when I wear it to parties. I'm also a huge leather fetishist but being a vegetarian and wearing leather makes me feel like a hypocrite. I still love the way it feels and smells, though. I also love my 8-inch spiked boots.

Secret Magazine: Do you get a kick in showing off your body? Or do you do it for any artistic reason?

Nicotine: I have a little bit of an exhibitionist streak. I love creating artistic images but it's very fulfilling on a personal level, as well, when I can look back at good photos of myself. It makes me feel sexy and powerful.

Secret Magazine: Do you attend fetish/BDSM parties, and if so, do you participate and play?

Nicotine: I love going to fetish parties and play parties. I feel more alive in a nightclub atmosphere, drinking, dancing, and wearing latex with friends. I'm a total voyeur. I love to watch other people play and have sex in public. I'm very shy, though, so I rarely play at parties, myself.

Secret Magazine: What are your hobbies? Who are your heroes?

Nicotine: I've been so busy lately with traveling that I don't read as much as I used to. I'm trying to get back in the habit. I don't really have "heroes" per se. I have people whom I admire, certainly, but heroes are best reserved to mythology, in my opinion.

Secret Magazine: Do you consider yourself as straight, lesbian or bi, sexually spoken?

Nicotine: I identify as pansexual. I like whom I like. I'm usually attracted to guys but there are some girls whom I care about very much and I can definitely see myself having fun with girls, if not in a relationship.

Secret Magazine: What (sexual) fantasy you would like to realize?

Nicotine: I've never had sex in a church. I think having sex in a confessional would be very hot. One day, I would love to have sex in my latex but there would have to be plenty of lube because I'm paranoid about ripping it.

Secret Magazine: Whom do you admire or is your idol?

Nicotine: I'm completely in love with RubberDoll and Emily Marilyn. They really set the standard for me for where I want to go with my career.

Secret Magazine: Are you going public fetish dressed without any problems? What do you feel when people look at you than?

Nicotine: I definitely think there's a time and a place for it. I go all out with latex and heels at parties but if I'm out at a restaurant or somewhere where there are families and small children, I usually try to stick with just my high heeled shoes. I believe that anything sexual must also be consensual and I don't want to force my sexuality on others without their consent. However, I do think it's fun to wear latex for photo shoots in the city. People come up to me to tell me how they've never seen anything like what I'm wearing (usually latex) before and ask to take pictures with me, which is always fun.

Secret Magazine: Do you have a boyfriend… and is he into the same fetishes as you…?

Nicotine: I have a few people that I like, at the moment. I can't imagine being confined to just one person right now. I do prefer to date others who are into bdsm, though. I don't think I could ever be in a purely vanilla relationship.

Secret Magazine: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them?

Nicotine: I would pay all of my bills, buy a flat, put half into a retirement account, and spend the rest on latex, plane tickets, corsets, and shoes.

Secret Magazine: What is you ultimate-dream-come-true?

Nicotine: I have a secret list of everything I want to do as a model: magazines in which I want to be published, designers and photographers with whom I would love to work, etc. I'd love to be able to look back at the end of the day and feel truly happy and accomplished that I had been able to meet my goals. I have very high expectations for myself.

Secret Magazine: thank you Nicotine !!!

Model Statistics:

Professional Name: Nicotine

Location: Washington, DC USA

Age: 22

Height: 5ft 5”

Weight: 115 lbs.

Bra: 34DD

Dress: 2

Shoes: 6.5

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Long

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: Fair

Modeling genres: Fetish, glamour, fashion, nude

WebSite: http://modelnicotine.com/
Alternate WebSite: http://www.myspace.com/nicotinedesire
EMail: nicotinedesire@gmail.com

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