Miss January 2008: Miss Omega

I am 21 years old fetish/alternative model from Poland, however most of my work I usually do in other countries.
I have a lot of experience in front of camera/camcorder and also on the stage and catwalk.
Iam very open-minded person, ready to work with different people and on a variety types of projects.



Nuit Demonia 2007 (Paris) - model for GirlArmour fashionshow 6.12.2007 - Japan Fetish Ball 2007 (Tokyo) - 29.09.2007 (fetish visualization model) - the Wicked Trinity show - 1.06.2007 - Warsaw - Performace on stage during The Retrosic concert(world premiere!!!)- Wave Gothic Treffen 2007,Leipzig,Germany - German Fetish Ball 2007- model for GirlArmour [www.girlarmour.com] - German Fetish Ball 2007- model for AMF Korsets [www.amfkorsets.com] - FETISH EVOLUTION 2007 - model for Cyberesque - the Wicked Trinity show ( Festish Evolution 2007,Essen) - Spirit of fashion 2007 ( 5 shows) Berlin - Cyberesque Fashion Show (Boheme-Noir 2006, Berlin) - two Fashion Shows for AMF Korsets (German Fetish Ball 2006) [amfkorsets.com]

AMF Korsets (GFB 2006 & 2007) - GirlArmour (GFB 2007) - Savage Wear (Germany) - Cyberesque( FE 2007) - Lucky 13 (Spirit of Fashion 2007) - dr.Martens (SoF 2007) - Collective (SoF 2007) - Aderlass (SoF 2007) - Phaze (SoF 2007) - Pony Maedchen (SoF 2007) - Queen of darkness (Germany) - catalogue 2007 - SILTER latex company (Poland) - SPOOKABELLA Clothing ( Germany ) - Infidel Concepts (Australia), [infidelconcepts.com]

Dark Spy magazine, issue 14 /advert./ (Germany)

For Infidel Concepts.com - for Queen of darkness (Germany)

Front model for ChaosModels flyer (Stokholm,Sweden) - Vicious Faces agency flyer (Berlin,Germany)

I was a hostess for 3 months in Tokyo, Japan (July-October 2007)

Me as a model for Spirit of fashion in German tv! (http://youtube.com/watch?v=tbybkde-vPk) - Deadly Models - Model of the Month (May 2006) - Toxic Goddess Project (usa) - June 2006's Scream Queen - selected model for Vicious-Faces (Germany) - CRYPT MAGAZINE (cript girl) - Atomic Pin-Up Model (Modern Pin-Up) - 'Midnight Angels - Goth Fetish Beauties' model - Poison Arts (Alternative Talent Agency) - model for Twisted Wishes - Doll for 'Motor City Dolls'


Secret Magazine: Miss Omega is probably a pseudo. From where is it coming from, what is your real name and where do you come from?

Miss Omega: I am polish and right now I live in Poland, but soon I will probably move somewhere else, maybe to Berlin.
Omega is my nickname which I have been using for more than 7 years and still it is more close to me than my real name: Ania, because all my friends call me Omega - even my own sister!
So sometimes it's strange for me when somebody calls me Ania.
Omega has many meanings for me and in general as a symbol, but it doesn't have any connections with religion or Catholic symbol of omega which you can see sometimes in a church.

Secret Magazine: Why and when did you start to model?

Miss Omega: I have started it more than two years ago, but I heard many times that my portfolio and credits (achievements) look like it would be 4-5 years.
During this period I had so many opportunities to work with great people from different countries. I was participating in many interesting and unforgettable events! It's really nice when you can go abroad, visit other countries, and perform on the stage (what I really love) and even get money for doing something you like :).
But don't think that it was so easy to start it without any experience. I had a big luck! I have met appropriate people who have noticed and appreciated my work. I am thankful to all these people whom have chosen and told me that I had this 'something'.

Secret Magazine: If you had to categorize you modelling style, would it be more Fashion, Glamour, Gothic or Fetish?

Miss Omega: I wouldn’t do that, becouse I like many different styles and my look is still developing and changing.
I call it some kind of 'evolution', you need to have some practical knowledge about one style to change it into another or to mix one style with another and make it looks good. Another thing is that sometimes my look depends simply on my mood!
Right now most of my galleries have rather fetish kind of style, but I have plans to do pin-up/vintage shoot soon without any latex or vinyl materials. I have also some ideas for cyber shoot, so as you see I am a mixture of different styles. Recently I was even thinking about some 'simple glamour shoot, I don't like limit myself, I love changes!

Secret Magazine: Can you tell us how do you feel beeing an fetish/gothic model... is it an advantage and why?

Miss Omega: I don't think I have much to do with 'gothic', but anyway I think it's a great advantage to be an alternative model, because I have so many opportunities to travel abroad to be a part of some great events as I said about it before and it's good to get some profits from it, especially that I am a student right now and I don’t have any job jet.
There are of course some disadvantages also, but the question was only about advantages right? ;)

Secret Magazine: What is your personal fetish(es)? What gives you the biggest rush?

Miss Omega: I LOVE UNIFORMS :)! Especially military uniforms! When I see a handsome guy in lovely uniform I can’t resist myself hehe.
I also love gas masks on guys. In case of myself I like to wear latex and other shiny stuff, but I don’t like latex on guys...
I also love boots and shiny high hells but it doesn’t mean (many people think like that!) that I am wearing it all during an average day!

Secret Magazine: what are your preferred outfit, materials and shoes? Explain us why ?

Miss Omega: I mentioned it above, it's first of all latex, because it's shiny, lovely and it clings to the skin perfectly! I also like lack and vinyl but not as much as real latex.
I love original and unique outfits, which you can easily notice among all “other” and I prefer colorful materials.
About shoos and boots I must say that I love , extreme high heels and of course my lovely ballet boots - I am not able to walk in them at all, but oh well, at least they look lovely ;).

Secret Magazine: Do you get a kick in showing off your body? Or do you do it for any artistic reason?

Miss Omega: I am doing it because I like to be on the stage in the center of events and where something is going on or in front of camera. I like to realize my ideas and thoughts about fashion and stylization (I am always my own stylist for all events and photo shoots).
I love performing - it is my element, but to be honest I prefer much more showing on my body lovely and unique outfits, than just my body. I also treat a body in general as a form of an art. Both body and fashion have for me artistic meaning.
The way I am showing my body in the pictures is a form of expressing my ideas, my desires, but I must say, that it shows only some particular emotions and part of me, one or couple of aspects of my character or nature, rest of me is very often hidden.
Being in front of camera is very similar to being and acting on the stage, like an actor, you have to fit into some particular idea of the particular photo shoot and show particular expressions.

Secret Magazine: Do you attend fetish/BDSM parties, and if so, do you participate and play?

Miss Omega: I am attending fetish events quiet often - mostly the biggest events. Anyway I am always over there only if I have some modeling work to do, for example fashion show. Iam not really interested in all that fetish stuff as a 'player'.
During this kind of events I have pleasure to be on the stage, to do something creative and unusual (as most of the fashion shows are more like performances not like typical catwalks). My real feelings and sexuality as well as close relations with other people are very private sphere in my life. I treat modeling as a work or hobby so I don’t want to mix it with any kind of more personal things or my real private life.

Secret Magazine: What are your hobbies? Who are your heroes?

Miss Omega: I have very many hobbies which are quiet different and not always match each other.
For example I am in ASG team(Air Soft Guns) what means that one day I am standing on the stage, wearing lovely shiny outfit in flashes of cameras as a model and during another day I crawl in the forest or run through ruins of old factories, dirty with a gun- my lovely MP7.
In general I love different types of weapons, for example I am practicing nunchaku not only for fighting with somebody but also as a form of relaxation.
I am also into RGP games and I really love LARP's.
My biggest hero is my mum. I hope that someday I will be as perfect as she is.
In a world of fashion my hero is a designer of GirlArmour from London - Ian. Why? Becouse he is a lovely vivid and optimistic guy, who knows how to express his personality and feelings by unique and amazing outfits! Each piece of his art is different and impressive! I love them all!
He is great person and great designer! I am such a lucky person that i had a chance to work with him!

Secret Magazine: What are your preferences for music and why?

Miss Omega: The same as it was with fashion - I don't like to limit myslef! It doesn't mean that I like everything, no, but there is very many different genres of music which I can enjoy, however I like the most electronic music and nice, strong beat ;)
But again it pretty much depends on my mood.

Secret Magazine: Do you consider yourself as straight, lesbian or bi, sexually spoken?

Miss Omega: Straight, but it doesn’t mean I don’t admire beautiful women, because I do:)
I like looking at beautiful ladies in lovely outfits, but that’s all :P, I prefer guys.

Secret Magazine: What (sexual) fantasy you would like to realize?

Miss Omega: Sex in a spaceship without gravitation ??? hahaha

Secret Magazine: Are you going public fetish dressed without any problems? What do you feel when people look at you than?

Miss Omega: I am wearing fetish outfits only during parties, events, photo shoots ect., not during a normal day.

Secret Magazine: Do you have a boyfriend… and is he into the same fetishes as you…?

Miss Omega: I am single and to be honest I am happy with that! Since I broke up with my boyfriend a year ago I feel so good to be free. I mean - of course if I would fall in love with somebody who would love me too that would be great, but I am not a kind of girl who is permanently looking for somebody, because "I have to have a boyfriend!" - for me this kind of behavior is pathethic. It is much better in my opinion to be alone and to have good friends than to be with somebody you don’t really love... for me the most important thing in relationship is the fact that your partner is sharing his soul with you, sharing just a body is too little for me.

Secret Magazine: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them?

Miss Omega: Half of it I would invest in something to make more money, some part of the rest of it I would give to some organizations which fight for animal rights, maybe even I would create my own one! Animals are much more close to my heart than humans.
Another part of this amount I would spend on gifts for my family and friends and for the rest of it I would travel and visit every single country in the world.
I hope that I would still have some money left to build a funfair! hehe I love rollercoasters!:)

Secret Magazine: What is you ultimate-dream-come-true?

Miss Omega: A year ago my biggest dream was to visit Japan, but now after my trip, my new dream is to visit every single country in the world – I just love travels and I love to experience other cultures, especially oriental.

Secret Magazine: Thank you Miss Omega

Model Statistics:

Professional Name: Miss Omega
Location: Szczecin, Poland
Age: 21
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Measurement: 86/64/91
Bra: 75B (EUR)
Dress: 36/38 (EUR)
Shoes: 40 (EUR)
Hair Color: White Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Modeling genres: Fetish, Alternative, Pin-up, Cyber, Glamour

Credits/achievements :

I have worked with :
*Maxime Avet (France)
*Hans Gössing (for Cyberesque) (Germany)
*Frank Kyrel (France)
*Ian O'Donnel (UK)
*Robert Chouraqui (France)
*Louis Fleischauer (AMF Korsets) (USA)
*Joachim Scheffler (Germany)
*Chesney Spanglehurst (UK)
*Jens Becker (FallApart) (Germany)
*Don Bastek (Poland)
*Xixi [www.xixi.eu] (Netherlands)
*Exeria (Germany)
*Rik Sanchez (Japan)
*Goldensilk (France)
*Adam Fedorowicz (Poland)
*Matthew Grimley (UK)
*Piotr Marski (Poland)
*Julischka Stengele (Germany)
*Thomas Sing (Germany)

WebSite: http://www.missomega.com
Alternate WebSite: http://www.myspace.com/toxic_omega
EMail: omega_omega@wp.pl

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