Miss December 2007: Marie Kalista

I am Marie-Kalista, a new 21 years old French fetish model.
I'm dedicated to Rubber and all kind of underground "glamour" clichés !!!
My fetish started 3 years ago; I didn't know that it could become a part of my life.
But as months go by, I realized that fetish had been integrated in my existence.
I've decided to dedicate all my free time to fetish photography.
I've created a new website and put all my best images there.
That was a really long process but I'm so happy now …

These are a few of my Favorite things:

Favorite Clothing: Sexy dresses, Fetish clothing (Rubber and PVC dresses)
Shoes: Boots, platforms, 6" heels, classic pumps
Hobbies: Sex!!! And mmh… shopping
Sports: Fitness, biking and of course shopping ^^
Color: Black and purple and sometimes red when I feel in some kind of erotic mood.
Movies: Matrix trilogy, 28days later, Kill Bill 1&2, Die hard
Tv: I love series like 4400, Desperate housewives
Music: Portishead, Air, Moby, Café del mar, Archives, Sigur Ros
Food: Chinese, Mex and French cuisine
Drink: coffee addict here! Other then that tea, water and orange juice... ooops almost forgot red wine!
Books: Le lien from Vanessa Duriès
Photographers: Helmut Newton, David Lachapelle,
Perfume: Black XS from Paco Rabanne
Tattoos: None
Piercing: None


Secret Magazine: Marie-Kalista is probably a pseudo. From where is it coming from, what is your real name and where do you come from?

Marie K.: I come from north of France (Lille). I chose this pseudo because it's a way of expressing my dual personality.
Marie is my first name and "kalista" is a strong word I picked to show my determination and my addiction to fetish.

Secret Magazine: Why and when did you start to model?

Marie K.: It really started 3 years ago. I've been fascinated by underground Matrix costumes since its release in cinema 7 years ago!!
At the beginning, I didn't know that it could become a part of me. But as months go by, I realized that fetish modeling had been integrated in my way of life.

Secret Magazine: If you had to categorize you modelling style, would it be more Fashion, Glamour, Gothic or Fetish?

Marie K.: I've done lingerie, fashion, fetish and nude pictures. I have a clear preference for fetish and glamour Rubber photography.

Secret Magazine: Can you tell us how do you feel beeing an fetish/gothic model... is it an advantage and why?

Marie K.: I don't see why it would be an advantage for me. I've a professional life which is completely outside of the fetish world.
I don't mix these two parts of my life. I consider myself as a "creation". I'm completely dedicated to that. I just put my personal touch as much as I can.

Secret Magazine: What is your personal fetish(es)? What gives you the biggest rush?

Marie K.: The softness of the Rubber …no better the "slitheryness" of it. When I wear it or touch it? Both :p

Secret Magazine: what are your preferred outfit, materials and shoes? Explain us why ?

Marie K.: Rubber catsuit!!!!!!!! Oh my god I'm shivering when I pronounce this word.
I love this material on my skin and if I can feel Rubber all over my body …ouuuch god!! My dream comes true !
I can't explain why … this is directly connected to my libido…

Secret Magazine: Do you get a kick in showing off your body? Or do you do it for any artistic reason?

Marie K.: I love my body and I try to keep it up in shape.
My best test is to put myself in front of the camera and see the effect I produce when I start posing.
I get excited a lot if I see that my partner is enjoying the session as much as me.

Secret Magazine: Do you attend fetish/BDSM parties, and if so, do you participate and play?

Marie K.: I love being in a big party with many people all around me. Notice that everyone is wearing fetish clothes…
It is like a communion with hundreds of Rubber bodies. However I dislike the extreme perversion we can find in this underground world.
I participate in a way … like showing off myself in Rubber but nothing more than that.

Secret Magazine: What are your hobbies? Who are your heroes?

Marie K.: I'm a web addict. I check my private stuffs all the time (emails, personal pages, or forums).
I've been in contact with lots of people and I like to know how they are and what's up in their life.
My only hero is Phoebus my love, my man, my desire and my soul mate.

Secret Magazine: What are your preferences for music and why?

Marie K.: I like nearly every kind of music, depending on how I am feeling.
Only rap or heavy metal are not the kinds of music that I'd like to hear.

Secret Magazine: Do you consider yourself as straight, lesbian or bi, sexually spoken?

Marie K.: I guess I won't refuse an advance from a girl I have a high regard for. But I need definitely a man in my bed!!

Secret Magazine: What (sexual) fantasy you would like to realize?

Marie K.: I would put a mask on my lover's eyes and bring him to a marvelous place.
I would walk with him in this magical moment. Leave him alone right there with his hands cuffed and admire him with desire.

Secret Magazine: Whom do you admire or is your idol?

Marie K.: Well I'm going to repeat myself but I'm fascinated by Phoebus. He's my idol. I love his work.

I dream about him all the time…I'm a fan of the man. I love U sweetheart <3 ;)

Secret Magazine: Are you going public fetish dressed without any problems? What do you feel when people look at you than?

Marie K.: I did not have the chance to do outdoor Rubber photos yet but I guess I'll be at ease and even excited by the look of the crowd and all the people around the shoot.

Secret Magazine: Do you have a boyfriend… and is he into the same fetishes as you…?

Marie K.: I'm in love with Phoebus. He's been my partner these last 2 years and also my agent and my advisor and finally my dedicated photographer…

Yes, we're into the same fetishes… I'm pure fiction, a fetish dream incarnated, a creation of two minds addicted to fetish deeply implanted inside their souls.

Secret Magazine: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them?

Marie K.: I would buy an island and build a castle. It would obviously contain lots of worshipers and slaves. A huge fetish dressing room and tons of shoes!!!!

Secret Magazine: What is you ultimate-dream-come-true?

Marie K.: I would love to start my private clothing company…and you have guessed which fabric I'll use: Rubber !!!

Secret Magazine: Thank you Marie K.

Model Statistics:

Professional Name: Marie Kalista
Location: Lille, France
Age: 21
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Measurement: 90/66/93
Bra: 90C (EUR)
Dress: 36 (EUR)
Shoes: 39 (EUR)
Hair Color: Chestnut
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Slightly Tanned
Modeling genres: Fetish and Glamour Rubber Photography

WebSite: http://www.marie-kalista.net
Alternate WebSite: http://www.myspace.com/mariekalista
EMail: contact.mariek@gmail.com

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