Miss November 2007: Lilith Ave Satanas

My name is Lilith Ave Satanas, and I'm an aspiring fetish model.
I have been modeling for a year and half now, and have some experience.
I'm still learning the ropes, but doing surprisingly well with it! I love to be as diverse as possible!
My favorite themes of shoots are Fetish, Gore and Horror, Glam, and Metal.

I'm a lover of horror films and metal. That's where I draw much of my inspiration from.
Some of my favorite horror movies include Evil Dead I & II, Army of Darkness, FEAST, 2001 Maniacs, The Omen, Nightmare on Elm Steet, Devil's Rejects, and Halloween.
Anatomy has always been an interest of mine, and I don't find myself grossed out easily.
I think I would make a good undertaker, haha!
And then there's metal music-I love Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, and Power Metal; as well as some Classic Rock and instrumental pieces.
I tend to find beauty in unlikely things.
I love to mix classic and wild themes together when I shoot and create an image all my own.

I've done numerous shoots with Rubberdoll, I'm currently signed to the Whores of Babylon Modeling Agency, I'm scheduled to do the next cover of Red Scream Magazine;
I've also done work for Closet Case Entertainment and local photographers.

The sites where some of my work can be seen are:


I saw your magazine and thought It was absolutely divine :)
Your model's of the month are absolutely goregous, and I wanted a shot at that opportunity as well!


Secret Magazine: Lilith Ave Satanas is probably a pseudo. From where is it coming from, what is your real name and where do you come from?

L.A.S.: Yes Lilith Ave Satanas is a fake name. I've always been interested in Acient History, Religion, Mythology, etc. I'm particulary fond of the mythology based around Succubi. They're truly beautiful creatures. Well Lilith used to be the first wife of Adam (from the Bible). One night as Adam and Lilith were laying down as man and woman, Adam demanded that Lilith lie beneath him to show that she was submissive to him. She refused and was therefore thrown out of the Garden of Eden. She later joined Satan's legions, becoming the first Succubus ever. It's rumored that she was the snake that tempted Eve to eat the apple. And "Ave Satanas" (pronounced Ah-Vay Satanas) means "Hail Satan". However I am not Satanic, I have a lot of respect for Satanism, but it's not my religious preference. I simply choose that part of the name because it fit hand in hand with the symbolism behind "Lilith". And because I like to keep certain parts of my life private, I'm opting to not divulge my real name. Sorry! But I will tell you where I came from haha. I was born in the suburbs outside of Chicago, IL. My heritage is German, Irish, and Swedish.

Secret Magazine: Why and when did you start to model?

L.A.S.: I started modeling at the age of 19, around the beginning of 2006. I've always wanted to model! I use to watch the Adams Family as a little Girl and fell in love with Morticia's beauty and grace! As I got older I started to explore more of the alternative scene and found that there were girls just like her all over the place! I was inspired and moved by their pictures and decided I had to at least try it! And here I am now haha!

Secret Magazine: If you had to categorize you modelling style, would it be more Fashion, Glamour, Gothic or Fetish?

L.A.S.: Definitely Fetish Modeling. In Fetish Modeling you can do a whole array of things, because "Fetish" isn't limited to one thing! I've done Latex shoots, Medical Shoots, Bloody Gory Shoots, Bondage Shoots, etc. You have more room to explore with fetish modeling in my opinion.

Secret Magazine: Can you tell us how do you feel beeing an fetish/gothic model... is it an advantage and why?

L.A.S.: I feel empowered! Each model is so unique with her look and style. But it's a LOT of work! It's something that you really have to be into to do for a living. It's very competitive work, but very rewarding when it does pay off!

Secret Magazine: What is your personal fetish(es)? What gives you the biggest rush?

L.A.S.: My personal Fetishes include: S&M, Long hair, Whips, Floggers, and restraints. I love being the submissive and at my partners mercy! Not knowing what's going to be done to me next is a thrill :D

Secret Magazine: what are your preferred outfit, materials and shoes? Explain us why ?

L.A.S.: My favorite outfits include Mini Skirts and Dresses, Lingerie, Corsets, and Platform Boots and Heels. I love the feel of Leather, Latex, PVC, and Satin. It's all about the fashion! These clothes hug your curves and cover you like a second skin, it's an amazing feeling!

Secret Magazine: Do you get a kick in showing off your body? Or do you do it for any artistic reason?

L.A.S.: Well both. I love how I sexy I feel when dress up in Fetish Clothes. But anybody can wear them. It's how you present yourself in them that matters. And when you take the time to put together a well coordinated outfit and appearance, it becomes a piece of art.

Secret Magazine: Do you attend fetish/BDSM parties, and if so, do you participate and play?

L.A.S.: Actually I attend few fetish parties. I enjoy them, however I'm a metal girl at heart. You'll often find me at a Death or Trash Metal Show haha! But I have been asked to do some performances at Fetish Parties, and it's something that I'm strongly considering.

Secret Magazine: What are your hobbies? Who are your heroes?

L.A.S.: Some of my interests include Rottweilers, Snakes, Ancient History and Religion, Serial Killers, Reading, Writing, Poetry, Make-up Artistry, Occultism, Thunderstorms and Tornados, and Travel. Some of my heroes are My Mother, George Carlin, Lisa Lampanelli, and the character Morticia.

Secret Magazine: What are your preferences for music and why?

L.A.S.: I prefer metal above all other genres, because of the brutality in the music and the talented musicians behind it. We have some of the most reknowned musicians in metal, and I'm proud to be partof a subcultre that celebrates that. Some of my favorite bands include Infernaeon, Goatwhore, Testament, Dimmu Borgir, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Vital Remains, The Berserker, Exodus, Anthrax, GWAR, Crisis, Vader, Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, and Nocturnus.

Secret Magazine: Do you consider yourself as straight, lesbian or bi, sexually spoken?

L.A.S.: I consider myself Bi-Curious. I like to be with both men and women, but I could only ever date and have a relationship with a man.

Secret Magazine: What (sexual) fantasy you would like to realize?

L.A.S.: You know, I don't really have one particular fantasy in mind. It's not like I have a thing for naughty school girls, or threesomes. My fantasties tend to just come to mind and then fade.

Secret Magazine: Whom do you admire or is your idol?

L.A.S.: Some of my idols as models include Mistress Persephone, Darenzia, Rubberdoll, Luciferia Gorewhore, and Masuimi Max.

Secret Magazine: Are you going public fetish dressed without any problems? What do you feel when people look at you than?

L.A.S.: I have no problem going dressed up in fetish gear in public. In fact I love the looks I get from people. It's the shock value that I get off on haha.

Secret Magazine: Do you have a boyfriend… and is he into the same fetishes as you…?

L.A.S.: Yes I do have a boyfriend, and we are into similar fetishes. Although he likes to be the dominant partner, which I love!!

Secret Magazine: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them?

L.A.S.: I would make sure that all of My and My Family's necessity's were met, and then I'd probably have a dungeon built, and about 100 Rottweiler puppies hehe.

Secret Magazine: What is you ultimate-dream-come-true?

L.A.S.: To own and operate my own Fetish Paysite one day!

Secret Magazine: Thank you Lilith Ave Satanas

Model Statistics:

Professional Name: Lilith Ave Satanas
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Age: 21
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Measurement: 36-28-36
Bra: 36D
Dress: 7
Shoes: 9
Hair Color: Black/Red
Hair Length: A little over 4 ft long
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale
Modeling genres: Artistic-Nude, Erotic-Nude, Fashion, BDSM, Bondage, SM, Fetish, Gothic

WebSite: http://www.myspace.com/lilithavesatanas
EMail: succubusbreeder@aol.com

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