Miss September 2007: Fetishdea

She talks about herself as “an international model, grown in the art of domination”: Fetishdea, , considers fetish and domination over the other sex like a real passion and an authentic lifestyle. She adores to have men at her feet using refined arms of female seduction. A passion born when she was child, reading comics with blonde amazon that strongly impressed her for sensuality and female power...

With her job she lived close to a lot of women, so she found men were very attracted by female beauty and charm and soon she used them – having also a strong character – conquering a lot of slaves totally seduced by her cat’s eyes, her velvet hairs, her wonderful rose mouth, her long legs..., but – first of all – but her way to get cerebral power, catching the slave’s mind and chaining him with a mixture of sweetness and authority...

She loves classy lingerie, accurate make up, and sexy clothes, especially leather and latex, spike heels, silky stockings, garter belts, polished nails, satin gloves...

Fetishdea likes to go to the best photo and movie sets of Europe in this field, and also to the main topic feasts, like famous “Nuit Demonia” in Paris. She was in tv shows as an expert of fetish culture and write screenplays of her OWK movies (“Other World Kingdom”), the wonderful hotel-castle in Czech Republic, where men are submissive and women command and where she became the only Italian Best World Mistresses. She thinks in Italy there are fewer and worse initiatives than in the rest of Europe, and there is a lot more to do, especially to escape from that kind of provincialism that forbids her, for instance, to go freely to a restaurant holding her slave in leash...

She believes a lot of men, also very powerful in their professional life, need to invert their roles in private, and to submit themselves completely to the charm and domination of a sexy and enchanting woman. In her opinion, it’s not a perversion, but an intriguing aspect of eroticism that, when isn’t obsessive and extreme, is an healthy form of freedom of expression that needs great intelligence, complicity, mental opening and mutual trust.

I am an italian Model and actor of Fetish Film and I was guest at the Event NUIT DEMONIA 2005 in Paris.

I am protagonist of a Television Program on the TV LA 7 that explain my Life-Style Fem dom. ( on September 2007)

I am one of the 20 Mistress "Best World Mistress" of OWK.CZ

I am a Moderator of different italian Femdom-Forum.


Secret Magazine: Fetishdea is a nickname. Why did u choose it ?

Fetishdea: I decided to use 2 words very easy to understand. I don't need to explain them. Fetish Goddess.

Secret Magazine: Why and when did u start to be a model ?

Fetishdea: I was 18 yearls old. My first work was for Coca Cola. My boyfried cut all the photos I toke, and now I have nothing of that shooting session. Now I have some years more and more experience with men. Now nobody can stop me, I do what I want, without any problem. I'm free, and I am what I am.

Secret Magazine: Do u feel yourself more glamour or fetish ?

Fetishdea: I have not a style, I'm just myself. I decide always my makeup, I like to change following my feelings. I AM FETISHDEA !!

Secret Magazine: What do u feel being a fetish-gothic model ?

Fetishdea: I feel free to let my audience know me as I desire, what people see is exactly what I want to tell them. Feeling adored for a woman id the confirmation that she did the right choice. I feel myself loved.

Secret Magazine: What is your personal fetish?

Fetishdea: I love to wear wonderful shoes, use lotions, to have soft hairs. I don't see anything more fetish than a woman on high heels. Maybe naked with high heels. The greatest feeling is to understand to be desiderata.

Secret Magazine: Do u like to show your personality or u do it for other reasons ?

Fetishdea: I don't show my personality, I live it. Mise is what people call lifestyle.

Secret Magazine: Do u participate any fetish/Bdsm party ?

Fetishdea: Yes, I'm often guest in parties or television shows. I remember in a televison show in Milan, I trampled some guy who were adoring my feet, I ride a slave girl like a pony girl. I was in Paris guest of the famous photographer Christophe Mourthe'. I did also a reality on the national television, on La7 channel, where I told all my life. I told to people that show the feeling make themselves more true, without any mask we can live better. Isn't it? On September 12nd I'll be in a disco named Art Club giving some fetish lessons....

Secret Magazine: What about your hobbies? Your heroes ?

Fetishdea: Greta Garbo, great and mysterious, a mixture of badness and eros. I love arts. My favorite artist is Salvador Dalý. With his works he told us his dreams. I hope with this interview to meet someone who bring me in spain where there is his house-museum. I love animals, I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. I really love them.

Secret Magazine: Are u heterosexual, lesbian or bi ?

Fetishdea: I love the beauty and if I see a beautiful woman I stop and I look at her, I see more often beautiful woman than man. I think love has no limit.

Secret Magazine: Do u have any fantasies u want to make true ?

I already did all of them. I think that event have to be made happen and not just wait them. To act. That's what I like. Realize your dream so u'll have another dream to realize...

Secret Magazine: Which kind of people do u like ?

I like people fighting for their dreams and targets, always respecting the other people. I like who make the history.

Secret Magazine: do u have a boyfriend ?

Fetishdea: No, I have not. I hope someone contact me after reading this interview.

Secret Magazine: If u had 1 million dollar, what do u would like to do ?

Fetishdea: I'll buy a house in Florida. On a hill, looking at the sea. " people working for me, so I'll have time free. I'll buy a lot of dresses and shoes, and I'll buy and big house for dogs in my city, where I could put all the dogs that have not a family.
I didn't buy all the dog I have, I found them all on the street without a family.

Secret Magazine: What is your last dream ?

Fetishdea: My son calling me and telling me: Mum I love u !

Secret Magazine: Thank you Fetishdea

Model Statistics:

Professional Name: FetishDEa
Location: Venezia
Age: 39
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 49 Kg
Measurement: 89
Bra: 4
Dress: 38 / 40
Shoes: EU 36
Hair Color: brown / red
Hair Length: extra long
Eye Color: blue
Skin Color: white
Modeling genres: fetish, latex, rubber, domination

WebSite: http://www.fetishdea.com/
EMail: dea@fetishdea.com

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