Miss November 2006: Delilah

About Delilah :
I'm Delilah, a professional unique Alternative Model and artist located in Italy.. with a fetish for latex, pvc, corsets, high heels and the kink. Why Not.

Please note that I am NOT available for nudity, lingerie or see through, NOR adult.

I consider myself an artist of some kind so, whether you'd like to take a look at my artwork, you may visit my website,

where you can find further image galleries and prints! I also work as web designer, illustrator and photo-oriented graphics/retouch.. so feel free to email me and get in touch in case you'd need any commissioned work ;)

I have a crush on High-heel domina shoes, bunnies, purple hair, fake hair, rubber. Hmm. Plus I have a not-so-secret crush on muffins and I absolutely love milkshakes.

I like to read, my heart is owned by Shakespeare and HP Lovecraft and I listen to black metal as well as classical music. Better if the two are combined :)

Likes :

Art, computers, Mc Gee's Alice, nerdy stuff, junk food, animals, monkey island, crosses, stuffed pigs [toys], piercings, literature, Tim Burton's awesome creatures, Puzzle Bobble, and all that's listed already in the introduction ;)

I love latex and my fave designers are Fräulein Ehrhardt, HW Designs, Atsuko Kudo, Fierce Couture, Anatomic Bomb.. okay, I better stop here, but I love them all [and some more!]

Professional abilities and experiences :

Model for Designers, Shops, Photographers, Artists.

Full resume, as well as print publications, is available on her website.

Interview :

Secret Magazine: Delilah is probably a pseudo. From where is it coming from, what is your real name and where do you come from?
Delilah: Yes, Delilah is 'somehow' a pseudo. In fact, I carry along with me this name by so many years I can't even count, using it both in my modeling career than in my everyday life. It's my second name :) When it comes to think about the origins of this name, most people think about the wellknown 'Delilah and Samson' Biblical story or ask me whether I got it from some song. Weird enough, I just liked the sound of the name when pronounced :) Nothing fancy.

Secret Magazine: Why and when did you start to model?
Delilah: I officially started modeling about two years ago. I wanted to give it a try, and I loved it.
When asked about the reasons, I just find easier to say it was a natural progression, due to my lifestyle, personal andartistic tastes. Sadly, due to my other activities [I work and study] and the place I live in [ie, no resources of any kind], I've had no chance to shoot as much as I'd like to. I'm looking forward the future :)

Secret Magazine: Can you tell us how do you feel beeing an fetish/gothic model... is it an advantage and why?
Delilah: I don't think being a model is an advantage. It probably depends on what you do and whatnot. As for me, at the right moment I didn't get anything that may be classified as 'clear advantage of being a fetish/gothic model' so well, there you go :)

Secret Magazine: If you had to categorize you modelling style, would it be more Fashion, Glamour, Gothic or Fetish?
Delilah: I am not really sure I would categorize it, as I like to vary. Even if my favourite style is no doubt Fetish, I remind myself I am more of an alternative kind of model. I aim to be as much versatile as I can, that is a good goal for sure.
So, for instance, I'm currently working on some 'fairytales concept' by portraying a witch or Cinderella, as well as some classy fetish/bdsm shooting or fashion ones. I have so many different projects going on!

Secret Magazine: what are your preferred outfit, materials and shoes? Explain us why ?
Delilah: What a cool question! Delight of any girl I'd say :D! My favourite material? There's nothing sexier than shiny stuff. I totally LOVE latex. It shines, it's sexy, and can completely cover you and you'd look sexy and feminine anyway. It enhances your body and smells nice. So my favourite outfits are latex catsuits and dresses/tubes and, for sure, corsets.

Speaking of shoes.. I have a kink for high heel shoes, better if they're platforms. My shoes are unbelievably high!

Secret Magazine: What is your personal fetish? What gives you the biggest rush?
Delilah: As said already, rubber, corsets and high shoes are what make me happy :D. I absolutely adore tightlacing. I can currently squeeze myself into a 20" corset and those feelings are unmistakable. I get a similar feeling by walking on very high shoes.

Secret Magazine: Do you get a kick in showing off your body?
Delilah: I don't show off much in fact - I carry with me this idea that eroticism isn't related to the naked. I see my pictures as 'pieces of art' and I consider them as 'images that portray some side of myself'. I obviously like to look good on pictures, but I'm more into the 'artsy' side of it all.

Secret Magazine: Do you attend gothic/fetish/BDSM parties, and if so, do you participate and play?
Delilah: Sadly, by living in The Middle of Nowhere, I have no chance to. Do not misunderstand me; I love the place I live in, but there's no room here for such parties. I hope someone will organise something soon :)

Secret Magazine: What are your hobbies? Who are your heroes?
Delilah: As for my hobbies, I'm a hopeless nerd and I spend most of my time by sitting in front of the computer.. so almost all of my hobbies are computer-related. I can anyway tell you I like to draw - fantasy mostly. I am an 'artist of some kind' who likes to portray the darker and often erotic side of fantasy. My pictures are the expression of my feelings, manias or tastes, just like everything I draw.
My [other] main hobbies include realtime programming and scene subculture, art, computer science [with a special eye for AI, OSes and Computer Networks] and the Occult.
As for heroes.. I don't think I have any.

Secret Magazine: Do you consider yourself as straight, lesbian or bi, sexually spoken?
Delilah: Guess 'bi' would be the right answer, but ever since I got my boyfriend I totally have no interest for anyone else, not men nor women. I'm happy as I am and the way I live my sexuality is actually totally one-way-straight :)

Secret Magazine: Who do you admire or is your idol?
Delilah: There are many people I admire. For their brilliant intelligence, for their beauty, for their sweetness and honesty or/and great talent. I have not idols, but I agree there is much to learn from other people. Everyday, everytime, constantly during your life. And if you think you're done, then you're lost.
A note goes to my parents, tho. They grew me up and I bet that wasnt easy :)

Secret Magazine: What sexual fantasy you would like to realize?
Delilah: Oh my, I can't tell you. It's a secret!!

Secret Magazine: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them?
Delilah:Fix my dad's old house, pay my university' fees and buy lots of useless stuff.
I would probably buy a thousand gifts too. And I would also give a part of my money to research. Sounds boring, but you get the importance of it only when you need its help.

Secret Magazine: What is you ultimate-dream-come-true?
Delilah:Just like anyone else, I'd just like to have a good life, with no regrets. I'd like to be happy as much as I can.

Thank you Delilah !!!

Model Statistics:

Professional Name: Delilah
Location: Italy [Udine, Venice and Milan]
Age: 24 [25/08/1982]
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Measurement: 32-26-34
Corset: down to 20"
Bra: 32 us
Dress: 42/44
Shoes: 39
Hair Color: may vary, currently dark blonde
Hair Length: long / very long
Eye Color: dark green
Skin Color: fair [white]
Modeling genres: Alternative: fetish, gothic, fantasy, ..

WebSite: http://www.sixthessence.com/
EMail: delilah@sixthessence.com

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