Miss May 2006: Ancilla Tilia
Dutch Playmate

Let me tell you my story...
I was born on a sunny evening in 1985 around the 6 o' clock news as a healthy blond, blue eyed baby girl. My mom was delighted to see me growing up as a bright, down to earth young lady. Unlike many girlfriends of mine who wanted to be a princess, supermodel or rockstar I had a big heart for animals and had my mind set on being a veterinarian. Offcourse this job would require some years of college so during high school I settled for jobs as a salesgirl. Later on I made a "career switch" to being a waitress in a 50's diner/bar. I had quite a good time there, it was very educational and a lot of fun. It was in this place that a magazine photographer spotted me and asked me to pose for the cover of a girls magazine (nothing dirty, I was a minor may I remind you!). At first I was a little reluctant and nervous at the thought of seeing myself on the shelf of a newsstand. But after careful consideration I decided I had nothing to lose and go for it.

The shoot turned out to be so much fun! I had a great time chatting with the makeup artist and running around being all glammed up. Looking at the results though, I couldn't quite identify with the person in the pictures. I am passionate and adventurous but the girl in the pictures reflected a sweet but boring girl-next-door type of girl! So when an amateur nudity photographer I knew from internet asked me to model for him in a more erm... naughty way I didn't have to think twice!

The shoot turned out as a very pretty old-style glam black & white series. I put the shoot on an online modeling community and before I knew it I was bombed with requests from photographers amongst which three from people who did test shoots for Playboy magazine... Wow, this was a lot more than I ever dared to dream of. I got some paid assignments which made a great addition to my skimpy waitress salary and met up with the playboy team to discuss the shoot. The photographer turned out to be a huge admirer of Helmut Newton (but then again, what photographer isn't these days) and we decided to do a studio shoot based on a picture in one of his books. The shoot took two days, and was very hard work, but the end result was worth the work times ten. I was intended to grace the cover, and a little disappointed when Netherlands' hottest actress was published in the same issue. My luck though, the issue turned out to be the best-sold Dutch Playboy in history. All of a sudden lots of old classmates, neighbors and colleagues remembered my phone number hahaha!

After the publication of my Playboy issue, I found myself in a place where — being tied to a year contract — my options for modeling in Holland were quite limited. Although being a professional model was never in any of my plans, I understood that I was given this opportunity, and more important, the Playmate title, that could open so many doors that I couldn't just leave it at this. I figured, if I couldn't do a whole lot in Holland, I would find my luck somewhere else, and what would be a better place to do this then the Mecca of modeling, Los Angeles! I made a list of people I longed to work with, both models and photographers as well as websites, most of them dedicating much of their work to various streams in the fetish world. I sent them an email that I would stalk them for eternity unless they worked with me, packed my bags and took off. I was astounded to find that most of them were actually delighted to work with me! You can find most things I did there on this website. Returning to the Netherlands, I started working on getting my own website together. Despite of some problems with web designers, a lot of people kept supporting me, following my work and signing up to my mailing list, which I am so thankful for! Now, finally, everything has come together and I hope to be able to do much more with AncillaTilia.com, working together with more photographers, cute colleagues and updating you with a lot more sexy, interesting and pretty material of my own taste then ever.

For now, I really like this unexpected road my life took and who knows when I'm 50 and my modeling career runs to an end I will become a veterinarian too. After all, dreams are better when lived.

These are a few of my Favorite things:

Daily Clothing: Glamourous, tight jeans, summer dresses, hot secretary/suburban style Fetish clothing: silky things, detailed fabrics and designs such as lace, corsets (preferrably overbust+silk) garters stockings (backseamed nude or black, lace top), latex dresses.

Shoes: Court shoes, 6" heels, classic pumps, stiletto's, open toe's, metal pin-heels, 3" platforms.

Hobbies: Dancing, movies, sports, traveling

Sports: Skiing, horseriding, scuba diving, pole dancing tricks

Color: I'm in a transitional period right now, check back later!

Movies: The Cell, Sleepy Hollow, Fight club, Boogie Nights, American Beauty, Bram stoker's Dracula, The Excorcist (the original), 8mm, Das Experiment, The Beach, Bride of Chucky, 9.5 weeks... I have too many! I especially love quality horror. I remember when I was little, I had a book with scary close-ups of tarantulas and even back then I used to challenge myself to turn the next page and stare one of those monsters in the eye...

Tv: Jeesh... are you sure you wanna know this stuff?? I’m such a chick... Documentaries mostly but also Sex and the City, Oprah, America's next topmodel and Southpark.

Music: Pretty much any female r&b singer... Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, JoJo (seriously, she's alright) but also Rammstein, Beethoven, Limp Bizkit and Jamiroquai

Food: Thai, Indonesian, fruit. I've been a vegetarian for about 10yrs now.

Drink: I'm a coffee junk! Other then that tea, water and orange juice... I’ll have some red wine when I'm in a wild mood.

Book: I like to visualize stories, so I'm not too big on reading fiction. I usually read biographies or informational books like "the Devils Son" or "Helter Skelter." Other then that I have a lot of photography books and I my inherited antique version of Grimm's Fairytails is one of the first things I would save in a fire.

Photographers: Erwin Olaf, David Lachapelle

Artists: John Willie, Erich Von Gotha, Anton Pieck

Magazines: Skin Two, the old Penthouse Comix, In Style for my monthly dose of fashion, Playboy SE

Playboy Netherlands December 2005
Skin Two directory, October 2005
Skin Two magazine, July 2005 (2x)
John Irving bookcover, May 2005
Marquis magazine April 2005 (2x)
Marquis model directory 2005
Playboy Netherlands, februari 2005
Skin Two magazine Januari 2005
Loaded UK magazine of januari 2005
Playboy Netherlands calender girl 2005
Playboy Netherlands editorial, Playmate. May 2004

Koppels, tv series, dancer (2005)
Parels& Zwijnen, tv series, nurse (2005)
Playboy's Sexcetera, interview (2005)
European internet car commercial Opel (2004)

Performances & Runway
VIP appearance Siberia, Utrecht January 2006
Performer for Brigitte More fashion show at B.I.T.C.H, Amsterdam November 2005
Playboy night 2005, Amsterdam November 2005
Performer Absolute Danny & Torture Garden fashionshow Guilty as Sin, Amsterdam June 2005
Performer for Fierce Couture fashion show German Fetish ball, Berlin May 2005.
VIP appearance Playboy private party, Amsterdam May 2005
Performer for AMF Korsets fashion show and guestmodel Fetish Evolution, Essen March 2005.
Performer for the Skin Tight fashion show at B.I.T.C.H, Amsterdam March 2005
Guest model for the B.I.T.C.H., Amsterdam december 2004
Performer at Unique Sexycity, Amsterdam november 2004
Performer at Wasteland for House of Harlot, Amsterdam november 2004.
Promotional model MotoRai, Amsterdam September 2003

GFB expo picture gallery , Berlin May 2005
LaRocca discoteque lifesize artwork, Antwerp May 2005

Adversus interview 2004 (www.adversus.nl)
TrueLove interview 2005 (www.truelove-nl.net)

Photographers worked with
Rhae Mare
Christine Kessler (skin two etc.)
Perry Gallagher (skin two etc.)
Ashley Fontenot
Michael Andrews
Martin Perreault (skin two etc.)
Mark Bennet
Ken Marcus (playboy)
Lexie Molotoff
Lithium Picnic (skin two etc.)
Joe Bailey
Beatrice Neumann (celebrity photographer)
Patrick Ceuppens
Photo Vance
Ronny Thiele
Will Lee
Andreas Neubauer (celebrity photographer)

Wim Van de Hulst (celebrity photographer)
Peter Sanoto
P.J. Van de Velde
Ron Batten
Fulco Lorenzo
Ronnie Hertz (Playboy photographer)
John Smeets
W.A. van de H. fotografie
Hermien Lam (magazine photographer)
Niek Kunst
Martin Wieldraaijer
René de Haan (playboy photographer)

Artists worked with
Gerben Den Heeten (playhouse comix)
Creabrush (airbrush painter)
Martiis ( bdsm furniture)

Models worked with
Airhead Diva
Ashley Fontenot
Bianca Beauchamp
Emily Marilyn
Jean Bardot (show)
Mysterious Girl
Masuimi Max
Kittie Klaw (show)
Vittoria Mari

Model Statistics:

Age: 20
Height: 1.72 cm / 5'8"
Weight: 60 kg / 130 lbs
Measurements: 72C- 63- 96 / 34C-25-38
Shoe size: 37 / 5
Dress size: 38 / 12
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown-reddish, I'm a natural blonde (no jokes please :-P). But eventually dyed it this color after many experimental haircolors (natural red, pink, purple, brown) when I was 15. I think it's about time to change it again! Any suggestions?
Birthday: 21st July 1985
Sign: Cancer - This supposedly makes me intuitive (very true), imaginative (kinda true) , cautious (emotionally yes, physically no), maternal (not at all..), domestic (not true), gentle (true.. I like to think ;-)), but also overemotional (sometimes true), touchy (same here) and clinging (no way). I don't really believe in astrology much, but I do think its funny that all of my friends are either pisces, scorpio or taurus!
Birth place: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Descent: My mother is originally Belgian, my father Dutch.
Pets: I have four cats, all of them adopted. I have three boys: Peluche, and the overweight brothers Garfield and Sylvester and my little girl Picasso. I'd really love to get me a sphynx bold cat, but unfortunately my house is too crowded the way it is! I'm pretty sure I will end up as one of those old cat lady's hahahah!

WebSite: http://www.ancillatilia.com/
EMail: fanmail@ancillatilia.com

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