Miss December 2005: Sinteque
Fetish * Glamour * PinUp Model

Who's that girl?
When it all started I can't tell but since I was a child I had these preferences for symbols of female power - high heels, lipstick, miniskirts. Plainly everything that turns a girl into a seductive vamp.

Up to this day I couldn't not resist the fascination of fetish clothing rather embracing it. I just love to take on different roles - transform and reincarnate myself again and again. It is a game - a seduction!

My absolute favorites amongst fetishes are latex, corsets and high heels preferably in that combination! An elegant latex dress has as much appeal to me as a very strict mistress-style or a sweet pin-up with stockings an a brocade corset! The important thing is that the respresentation is authentic and I hope to communicate that with my photographs.

This website gives you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of my world. Give something back to me by sharing you thoughts in my guestbook.

With love



Secret Magazine: Sinteque is probably a pseudo. From where is it coming from and where do you come from?
I come from Southern Germany near Stuttgart. As you suspected my name is a pseudonym. It a fusion of sin and technique … unrestrained lust meets the rational mind.

Secret: Why and when did you start to model?
Oh, that was actually not my idea. I have been active in the fetish-scene for many years and have been visiting a lot of fetish-parties. Quite often photographers approached me regarding shootings. At first I though that was silly and I declined. Then at one time I thought : Why not? So the first fetish-pictures were taken about 7 years ago. I was excited. It was so much fun standing in front of the camera and the results were well worth it. What a pleasant surprise! In modeling I found a way to display my fantasies, to visualize them and make them become tangible.

Secret: I can imagine that most of your fans think you're like on your website in you real life… Is it?
My photographs are very authentic and personal. I show a lot of my personality through them. During the creation process of the pictures I am highly involved and I am able to realize my ideas, visions and dreams in them. As a consequence I can say : Yes, that is me! I am proud of it.
Since I am dominant I would never make photos that portrait me as a submissive and be it only a bondage-jacket for a fetish-fashion catalogue. That would not be me. I know that only few models share this opinion. But it is not my intention to be a screen for every fantasy-projection. I want to achieve self-realization, to express myself. I think this message is also acknowledged by my fans. I don't just show them pretty pictures but let them take part in my fetish-lifestyle.

Secret: What is your personal fetish? What gives you the biggest rush?
I am a multiple fetishist so to say. Especially latex is turn on for me, preferably to be completely covered so that I am fully encased in this incredible material. Add to this a tight corset that complements the female curves and creates an hour-glass waist as well as high-heels with an incredible height - perfect. Styled up like that I feel sexy. The scent of latex and the feeling of wearing it on my skin really turns me on. It is intoxicating!
It may as well be other details like authentic nylons or selected lingerie - symbols of femininity.

Secret: Do you get a kick in showing off your body? Or do you do it for any artistic reason?
I think there is an exhibitionist in every model. It is enjoyable for me to show myself, play with the camera, to seduce, to dominate. I find fulfillment in this. By bringing myself actively into this process, by fulfilling myself and helping create the product I also see myself as an artist.

Secret: Do you attend gothic/fetish/BDSM parties, and if so, do you participate and play?
You can find me on gothic-parties, industrial-concerts and fetish-parties as well as private play-events and BDSM-parties. Some of you may have seen me on fetish-fashion shows. Play on parties? If the feeling is right - why not?

Secret: What are your hobbies?
I like to travel, draw a little and have discovered digital retouching some time ago. Unfortunately there is almost never time left for hobbies.

Secret: What sexual fantasy you would like to realize?
I immediately realize any decadent sexual fantasy that goes through my wicked mind ..

Secret Magazine: Who do you admire or is your idol?
I do not really have any Idols. There are some artists, photographers, model, writers, musicians … that I rather admire. I like contrarians, people with character, creative minds and people that live for the moment. My motto : Learn the rules and break them!

Secret Magazine: If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them?
Oh, what could you possible do with a million? Maybe create my own rubber residency where I live and celebrate roaring feasts, have my own latex-designer, slaves, a jester … I could probably think of thousands of decadent ideas and the million would not last very long. I love the good life: selected wines, special delicacies from all over the world, inspiring conversations, prolonged voyages, art and culture in the most diverse manifestations.

Secret Magazine: You cannot live of beeing a model forever… what will you do after this ?
I do not have any fixed plans. Maybe I will change the frontlines in the future and become a photographer myself. I know some photographers that used to be models and that are very successful in the job behind the camera. I could very well imagine this. Photography is a fantastic media.

Secret Magazine: What is you ultimate-dream-come-true?
Move to Japan and become a living fetish-manga girly … hahaha

Thank you Sinteque !!!

Professional Experience:

Roman Kasperski, Markus Richter, Claus Troendle, Nicolas Plakidas, Andreas Neubauer, Rita & Roman Märzinger, Stahlwolf, Frank Teichmann, Berserker, Jürgen Wegner, Sabine Schönberger, Rüdiger Schestag, Thomas Limberg, Calvato, Thomas Buchta, Herb Craemer, Klaus Fuchs, Antonio Stross, Jörg Böh, Tessa [offkey], Thomas van de Scheck, Sylvie Blum, Mathias Klingler, Stefan Gesell, Tom Cooper, Martin Pelzer, Boris Schmalenberger, Bevis Nickel, Carmelo Burgaretta and others…

Model for:
Ars Vivendi, 2te Haut , Savage Wear , Xtra X Underground Fashion, Tolllkirsche

Andreas Remshardt, Michaela Glasstetter / Tolllkirsche, Libidex, Vexclothing, Fierce Couture

Deseria "Six days to hell"

SM News 3 / 2004 - cover and interview
Extreme Sündenfall Compilation 2 - cover and booklet, label: Indigo
SKIN TWO 51 - TvdS special
Schlagzeilen 82 - TvdS special
Marquis 34 - Tvds special & Fetishevolution report
Marquis 35 - SavageWear report & Extreme Sündenfall Sampler review
"A" Magazine, issue zero - Spotlight

Model Statistics:

Model Statistics:

Professional name: Sinteque
Location: southern Germany, area Stuttgart/Heilbronn
Age: ???
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 102 lbs
Measurement: 93-68-96 (cm)
Bra: size 75C
Dress: size 36 ( german size )
Shoes: size 39 ( german size )
Hair Color: black / red
Hair Length: half-long
Eye Color: grey-blue
Skin Color: tanned

Modeling genres:
Photoshootings with fetish-themes ( latex, pvc, leather, corsets, high heels, nylon stockings, masks, gothic ... ),
Domination / BDSM,
Advertisement- and catalogue-photographs,
Fashion / lingerie

WebSite: http://www.fetishmodel-sinteque.de/toplist/in.php?
EMail: sinteque@sinteque.de

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