Miss November 2005: Just Linda

I started modeling at the age of 13.

I was doing this for a few years and also dabbled in acting and radio.

However, with my education and the fact that most shoots and auditions were during the day, this started to conflict and I had made the choice to finish off school.

Therefore, I stopped modeling and acting.

It was last summer that I decided to get back into modeling and I have to admit, it's great to be back in front of the camera !

Apart from modeling, I also enjoy: Golfing, golfing, golfing…..

Rowing Waterskiing Jet skiing Swimming (this could fall within the category of waterskiing….) Cycling.

This summer, I finally gave wakeboarding a shot !

I love music and great bands, spending time with friends, kicking back and enjoying fine red wine with great conversation (or senseless humour) !

So, that's me in 1000 words or less !


1- What do you do to have fun?
- I love golfing, spending time with friends, modeling and enjoying fine wine and listening to music!

2- What turns you on?
- While having sex, I love staring deep into each other’s eyes, sucking on his fingers and being spanked!

3- If you could start all over again, which period of your life would you change? Why?
- I wouldn’t want to start all over again. My life is what it is today because if all the experiences of my past. To change one part of my life would then change everything else and I am happy with how things have been for me.

4- Sexually, what’s the difference between a woman of 30 and 20 years old?
- A 30-year old woman is more in touch with her sexuality, knows what she wants from a sexual partner, is not afraid or shy to try new things and has 10 more years of experience.

5- Who’s your Idol? Why?
- My father. He is strong and supportive and has been a great role-model for me.

6- Does looking for love include no-strings-attached sex?
- No. Love involves the heart while sex is physically driven. When looking for love, it needs to be more than “physical” passion. Although, having this passion and lust in a relationship is also very important.

7- Do you think that monogamy is natural?
- Yes. If you can be yourself with one person and “click” with them – I don’t see why you would need to deviate from the relationship.

8- Why do you not smile a lot in your photos?
- The eyes are the windows into our souls – therefore, I think it is important as a model, to understand how to communicate with their eyes. Anyone can smile for a photo but the ability to tell a story or communicate with your eyes is a lot more difficult.

9- What do you put on to feel hot for your man?
- Leather or PVC lingerie.

10- What would you like to understand about men before you die?
- I would like to understand why it is so difficult for men to truly share their feelings and why they cannot be as reliable as women!!

11- What’s your favorite smell?
- Sex

12- What’s the worst thing a man can do or not do in bed?
- The worst thing would be for him not to finish me off with a climax. If he finishes first, he should make sure that I climax.

13- Does modeling bring you unwanted attention?
- Sometimes but it is part of the business so you manage it.

14- Tell us about the craziest thing you ever done?
- There have been so many crazy things that I have done in my life; I don’t even know where to begin. You can read and see videos from some of my “adventures” by visiting my website.

15- What is your worst experience in life?
- I don’t really have a “worst” experience in life. So for that, I am very thankful.

16- What do you find sexy in a man?
- His smile, sense of humor and his eyes.

17- Tell us something that people will be surprise to find out about you?
- Most of everything that I do will likely surprise people. I like to be spontaneous and not be predictable!

18- What’s next for you?
- I want to keep modeling for a few more years and then eventually, finish a screenplay that I have been writing with the intention to have it produced one day. Most importantly, I want to keep having a great time and continue to live life to the fullest extent.

19- Have you ever had sex outside?
- Yes. Many times! It is one of my favourite ways to have sex because the “risk” of being seen or caught is very sexy and drives me crazy…

Model Statistics:

Professional name: Linda
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Age: 32
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 102 lbs
Chest: 34C
Waist: 23
Hips: 32
Dress: 2
Shoes: 5.5
Hair Color: dark brown 
Hair Length: short
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: tanned
Modeling genres: Fetish, Punk, Goth
Writing (if any or other talents): Golf, Waterskiing, Piano, My tongue :)

WebSite: http://www.justlinda.com
EMail: linda@justlinda.com

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