Miss October 2005: Susan Wayland
Fetish and Glamour Model

I was born in 1980 in Germany. After my schooltime I started to study the German language and the german history.

I really like these things but further more I would love mainly modeling and to BE individual.

Until I came in contact with latex and fetish there were many detours. When I was 17, I was getting more and more into the gothic scene and did experiment a lot with my looks. I was looking for something but didn't know what.

During a period of about two years I changed my haircolor again and again and tied different make-up styles every day.

I was learning a lot as I was sitting for hours in front of my bathroom mirror, where I realized that I love the glamourous, shiny and elegant aspects of the gothic style.

Patent boots began to fill my closet and shiny bags were a must-have.

But the most important thing of all was my black kohl (still today - never without it).

When I turned 20 I met Norman, my personal photographer and we both began to discover latex together.

In time it became an important part of our life - expecially through our photography - and today the fetish photography enriches my life and even developed into a real art interest which is still growing.

Now I work since three years as a fetish model.

You should know "fetish" is not one particular concept for me, because there are so many things that can stimulate your body and mind and exhaust your senses to a maximum - not necessarily in a mainly sexual sense.

It's also about your own fantasy the mixture of reality and vision not only going a normal and predestined way but to see where I find myself as a person and what I like to do.

Exactly those deviances and particularities have been described as fetishes.

So my fetish would probably be to experience myself differently again and again by transforming myself with different outfits - and having fun while doing that - but it is also very important to be provocative and original, not a copy but someone I can really identify with.

Fetish usually describes a condition needed for sexual stimulation - but that isn't it for me.

Latex for me is an outfit to attract attention, have fun and be individual!

I work mainly as model for latex. I love that shiny polished material.

Doesn't looks extremely cool and sexy?! I just feel comfortable in latex because it hugs my body so smooth and sometimes ice-cold and sometimes hot :)) and every touch feels so much more intense.

My body appears in a flawless perfect shine what adds to the feeling of being different from "normal" - I just love it! Isn't that a reason enough?!

But there is one more: I LOVE the smell of latex.

It's a little like perfume: some you like and some you don't.


Food: general the italian food
Movie: from dust till dawn, the last samurai
Music: heavy metal, gothic
Idols: angelina jolie
Models: caprice bourret
Outfits: sexy dessous, latex outfits, gothic and lace
Heels: everything over 7in :) especially boots :)

Model Statistics:

Name: Susan Wayland
Nick: Sway
DOB: june 23th, 1980
Nationality: german
Hair: blonde
Eyes: green
Chest: 35in (89cm)DD
Waist: 25in (63cm)
Hips: 36in (91cm)
Height: 5ft9in (175cm)
Shoe size: 9.5
Weight: 125lbs (56kg)

Particularities & Abilities:

Piercings: both nipples, tongue, ears, lower lip, belly button, labia
Tattoo: on mons, spine and under leg
Turns on: sexy female bodies, cool parties and funny situations
Turns off: lazy and crusty people
Hobby: work out, literature, history, dancing, writing (boah... look at my journal!)
Model for: Latex, glamour, bondage, ballet boots, fetish, pin up, gothic, corset, fashion show, video

WebSite: http://www.susanwayland.com
EMail: sway@susanwayland.com

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