Miss September 2005: Lady Morgana
Threnody in velvet

Hailing from Spain, Morgana originally trained as a photographer and graphic artist before becoming actively involved in the modelling profession. Working with an international client base, she has found success within the gothic/dark/fetish areas of the commercial industry both in Europe and the USA. She has appeared in numerous publications including:

- Marquis fetish model directory 2004 (2 pages feature)
- DVD World (4 pages feature)
- Meltdown(cover model + fashion spread)
- Bite Me (cover model + feature)
- Alternative London (2 back covers, and numerous articles for fairygothmother, and Satanic sluts feature)
- Dark Realms Magazine (4 pages feature)
- Gothic Beauty (from part of a feature on drac-in-a-box)
- Rule Satannia (Cover model)
- Skin Two Latex Xtra (bondinage clothing)
- Skin Two (As part of the feature on Ruberball/2 pictures)
- Metal Hammer (feature about several events where I perform; 2 pictures)
- Terrorizer (one page feature)
- The Independent newspaper (article about rule satannia mag)
- Erotica Magazine (for fairygothmother/full page)
- Erotic Review (Cover model feb'05)

and has shot with a diversity of photographers such as Robert Chouraqui, Stephane Lord, Abwaerts, Lithium Picnic, Gothic Image, Ben Westwood and Ashley Fontenot amongst many others.

The main body of her work has to date been for clothing/ fetishwear, and she has consistently worked for such designer outlets as

Furthermore, Morgana has appeared in many art related projects, and has been the inspiration for several artists within the online arts communities, where her image is in constant demand by artists/graphic designers for various private and commercial ventures.

Film work has been a natural progression within in her modelling career, and she is currently featuring in the forthcoming Salvation Films “Satanic Sluts” DVD directed by Nigel Wingrove, due for worldwide release in late 2004/Early 2005.

Morgana is very easy to work with because she is first and foremost, an artist. She is imaginative, and offers a wide variety of unique visual possibilities and character looks. She is available for travel if the expenses are covered and is currently living in Essex (UK).

She does NOT pose for nude shots; and has no tattoos or plastic surgery, but has removable piercings in her ears and nose.

The in- depth details

  • Date of Birth – The longest night of the year, the Winter's Solstice… 22 December, 1981.

  • Birth sign - Saggitarius

  • Place of Birth – Valencia (Spain)

  • Vital Stats - Height: 5'5", Bra: 32C, Waist 23", Hips 31” Hair – Black and Long (brown naturally) Eyes - brown

  • Interests -Art, Photography, Music (black metal, dark symphonies, gothic metal, dark folk, ambient…) Travelling, Internet – I am an internet junkie, Design, Painting, and the most importantly the act of creating new things…

  • Favourite bands – Emperor, My Dying Bride, The 3rd and the Mortal (first 2 albums), Dead can Dance, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, Hagalaz Runedance, Peccatum, Graveland, Mortiis, Burzum, Otyg, old Ulver, Ancient (first LPs), Within Temptation, Arcana, Daargard, In the woods… and too many more to mention…

  • Favourite films – Braveheart, Sleepy Hollow, Dracula (of Coppola), Nosferatu, Clockwork Orange, The Ring, The Hunger, The Exorcist, Excalibur, Merlin, The Princess Bride, The Crow I and II, From Hell, Joan the Mad, Interview with the Vampire, Lord of the Rings : FOTR/ Two Towers, Meet the Feebles, The Matrix… and a large list of etc.

  • Favourite Books – “The Bloody Countess” of Valentine Penrose (Biography of Countess Bathory), and "The Dracula" Biography of Vlad Tepes Draculae.

  • Loves – Nature (forests, lakes, coast...), Cats, Dark atmospheres, Dark and Horror themes, Tranquillity, Magic, Candles, Cemeteries (they're full of statues, cats and are the most peaceful places that I can think of...), Medieval arms/ armour and clothing, Incense... and “love” itself.

  • Hates –Hypocrisy, horny men, sluts... (lol) Un-artistic people, closed minded people, rips-offs and liars.... I think I am a bit Misanthropic... however, I am the kind of person that loves the people that are close to me but hate the rest...

Model Statistics:

Date of Birth: Spain - 12/22/1981
Country: Colchester (Essex) UK
Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Valencian/Catalonian
Height: 1.64m / 5’5”
Weight: 48kg / 101 lbs
Bust: 82cm / 32"
Waist: 60cm / 23"
Hips: 81cm / 31"
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Nose piercing and ears
Hair: long. Natural Deep Brown. - currently dyed copper red
Skin: Very pale
Eyes: Brown
Dress Size: Small or XS / 8
Corset Size: 18 inches
Shoe Size: European 37, 4 UK
Ages portrayable: 18 to 25
Experience Level: Professional
Character Types: Medieval/ Pre-Raphaelite, Dark, Gothic ,Fetish, Futuristic, Vampiric, Fairy, Angel
Various period syles: Victorian, Rennaisance
Special Costumes: Medieval dresses and outfits, lots of corsets, hi heel boots, heels shoes, latex and fetish clothing etc.
Special Abilities: Photography, Graphic arts and design, very creative.

WebSite: http://www.threnodyinvelvet.com/
Alternate WebSite: http://www.iberianblackarts.com
EMail: morgana@iberianblackarts.com

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