Miss May 2005: Valentina
Fetish Doll

Rubber, with that special touch of italian style....

Valentina is the One and Only, Unique Italian Fetish Model.
Since 1998 she has collaborated with the best international fetish organizations and her pictures have been published by most world famous glamour magazines such as Marquis, Skin Two, Heavy Rubber and more.
She also has been photographed by some of the greatest photographers in the world, including Trevor Watson, Peter W. Czernich, Ian Pelczinski, Brian Southam, Lidia Poppeil Fibret, Harald Wilfer, Malcolm Weir among the others.
Since 2003, she has been the Mistress of her own website, valentinafetishdoll.com
Known as the "Italian Rubber Doll," she spends most of her time working in Europe and the United States where she plays heavy rubber live performances at the best fetish parties & on the best fetish stages.

This time, our model of the month has been interviewed by Jürgen Boedt, Secret Magazine's editor, himself !!!

Secret: How did you get started in the fetish world?
I bought my first silk guepiere when I was thirteen... I've always loved wearing stuff that squeezed me. My mom gave me her high heeled shoes for let them larger, so I learned early to walk in high heeld shoes...! Then I discovered shiny materials: I've always thought they make a woman "more feminine", so I started with pvc (lack), but later eventually I discovered latex. Love at the first sight, I mean: touch! It squeezes me, it is shiny, and, last but don't least, it has a very good smell, a mixture of white chocolate and vanilline. Should I ask for more? So, with my boyfriend we started doing pics for our own viewing pleasure, but many
friends told us: "Ehi, they look great, you should go on with them!". In 2001 we met Peter Czernich chairman of Marquis and he did some photo shootings with
me (the well known "Black Rubber Doll" series, with one of my favourite outfits: Torpedo Tits! Then, in early 2002, we met Mistress Sandra from
fetish-live.com. Her living boyfriend Harald, owner of HW Design, and Sandra herself encouraged me to run my own website and business as a professional model.

Secret: Rubber seems to be you most absolute passion. Can you tell me why and what is your biggest turn on?
You hawkeye! Yes, rubber it's my first and inner sex passion. I have no real limits with latex. I mean, I love to feel it inside me as well as been covered or wrapped by layer on layer. I live this as a permanent body training; in my opinion latex is the most interesting material for lovers. It is so tight on your skin that you could barely distinguish it from real skin. At the same time there're no escapes from it, 'cause its tightness "models" your shape in a very truly way, "discovering", by covering, every part of your body. I think that this is my biggest turn on with latex: when I wear it I feel my body
exposed but protected by its tightness; I assume a sort of magical flawless aura all around me.

Secret: What are your other fantasies & what is the most crazy thing you ever did?
I've many fantasies at every hour during the day. I'm lucky 'cause my actual job consists in making these fantasies reality, through my website. Sometimes someone suggests me its own fantasy and I transform myself into a sponge: I absorb it and I make it mine. For instance a private photographer, addicted to latex too, booked me for a whole weekend. We went in a five stars hotel and he wanted me to dress me up in three layers of black rubber, gasmask, no hole was free... He just took a pic of me every hour of that weekend; I was doing nothing special, sometimes my arousement increased and I masturbate myself, but that's all... These were the twenty kinkiest hours of my life...

Secret: You have played quite a lot with Mistress Sandra from Fetish-live. How did you meet and how is it to work with her?
She's my closest pal in fetish scene. Working with and for Her was truly an amazing experience and I'm always happy when she calls me for pervy purposes.
She's very professional, nothing is left to casuality, all is under control. Doing a video with her (i.e. Stefanie and Rubber Nurses) means you've to forgot your watch home... I remember over 14 hours in full rubber for creating three or four scenes; this is due to her extreme aim for perfection, and you can see it in all her artworks. She really "lives" rubber, just like me.

Secret: What are your other hobbies?
I love cycling... No jokes: it's all a matter of ass pain, rubber and chains...!

Secret: Are you more submissive or dominant when you play?
I am dominant, even if I play as submissive for artistical purposes, i.e. photo shootings, videos etc.

Secret: Do you still have a goal/dream that you would like to realize?
I've not a real "dream", but I'd love to go further and deeper in my fetish "recherche", knowing and realizing other's dreams, throughout my website and my art. Time is by my side.

Secret: Can I come over and play?
Have a number and a seat, darling...
Thank you, I will.....


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