Miss January 2005: TempestNYC

Sometimes the best things happen BACKWARDS. Not the least of these is the sudden world-wide acclaim of the fetish industries latest bad girl, Storm. Towering at 6’1”, and notorious for combining her creamy, 30’s glamour look with shocking colored hair and exotic tattoos, she combines the most unlikely extremes into a palatable, delectable confection!

Her stunning height, combined with exotic, elfin features and an otherworldly grace caused a young Storm to be stalked throughout high school and college by NYC model scouts. However, ever the radical leftwing artist, she turned up her nose at mainstream modeling, disgusted by the standardization of beauty and the rejection of the natural form. She first descended upon the NYC fetish scene as a performance artist and dominant, chilling the fetish audiences with erotic but death-defying scenes. Soon, the photographers got wind, and she relented her ‘no modeling’ stance, giving in to the lure of her personal fetishes: delicious latex, corsetry, high heels and fully fashioned stockings.

Since then her appeal has spread like wildfire, landing her runway and print exposure all over the globe, notably Skin Two, Bizarre, Leg Show and more, and headlining at NYC’s Black and Blue Ball, London’s Rubber Ball, and upcoming solo performance in Atlanta and San Francisco. She stays true to her roots as an artist however, and seeks to constantly push the envelope of free speech and acceptability, while simultaneously hoping to expand the public’s standards on the erotic and beautiful.

In her personal life, she juggles graduate school, her own film and design production company, and a ‘real life’ job, and continually expanding her mind by learning new languages, collecting wine, designing clothing and recently, photographing other fetish models. Although always happier at home, with a glass of shiraz, reading Baudelaire, listening to some horrid atonal deconstructivist music, she still makes time to support her friends and artists in the area and around the country. Whew! Let’s hope the rigors of her lifestyle don’t take their toll on her luminous beauty!

What others say about Storm...

I had a pleasure to work with Storm when she modelled for me on this years Skin Two Rubber Ball. Storm is a great model, very professional and knows how to strike a pose to get the best results from photos. She is fantastically photogenic, has a lovely personality and I would love to work with her again.
Siba - head designer, Amsterdam - http://www.Pressure-corsets.com

" Storm, hhhmm..she's creative and Gi-normous !! Let's see, a borderline homo iccky and savage tart all rolled into a blue haze of candy apple red! "
Leda, Arena Productions Inc. - http://www.arenacollective.com

~ Darenzia - http://www.darenzia.net

"THE most beautiful woman on earth to have her picture taken!!!" keep up the great work and please keep the e-mails coming!
~ Steven Kimble

Storm is just that on stage a "STORM", she forces and entrances you with her style and grace on Stage! She's magnetic! Storm however is more of breeze to work with, delightful and always professional! I'd work with her anytime!
Mistress Evita - http://www.mistressevita.com


"Mischievious, tall, eccentric, tall, energetic, tall, leggy, tall, experimental, tall, spontaneous, tall, calculating, and a very open giving world embracing smile. And nice hips and tatoos."
~ wrayb - http://www.badassnyc.com

Storm is the kind of woman, who would find great delight being a piece of furniture in my flesh chamber, playing her violin while I play Dr. Mengele with her Siamese twin sister. She would also make a pretty corset, if only I could have her skin.
Louis Fleischauer - http://www.amfkorsets.com

I have never seen pictures with such artistic value in my life. These pictures surely include the element of art and sensuality. It is indeed a pleasure to look at this page whenever I can. If there is anything I can do to further your initiative or comments and/or suggestions, please feel free to ask.
D. Junglist (JON)

Model Statistics:

Professional name: STORM
Location: NYC
Age: 24
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 145
Bust: 34 C
Waist: 26
Dress: 6
Pants: 35" inseam
Shoes: 11
Hair Color: Variable; presently Cherry Red.
Eye Color: Aqua
Skin Tone: Very Fair

Modeling interests: Imaginative latex fetish; extraordinary bondage; quirky fashion; horror glamour; bizarre erotica; silly stuff.

Music Preferences: Industrial, dark ambient, electro, rock and underground hip-hop.

WebSite: http://www.tempestnyc.com
EMail: storm@tempestnyc.com

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