Miss December 2004: Miss Conduct

The original Hell Kitten, Miss Conduct is a flaming-haired trouble maker you’ll love to look at. With long red hair and a mischievous glint in her eye, she's one tough little devil. Whether sliding around underneath one of her cars, strutting her stuff in a designer’s fetish show, suspended in mid-air while suffering through the tightest rope bondage, you’ll still find there’s only one word it would take to describe her. Dangerous. Latex, bondage, encasement...She has a love of all things tight, with a particular passion for corsets. Tightlaced corsets.

A familiar face in fetish, as well as, fine art and fashion. Miss Conduct, easily recognizable by her distinctive flaming red locks, has appeared in a wide gamut of projects and publications. She can be spotted on album covers and event posters, in magazines and clothing catalogs, and everywhere else in between. Miss Conduct has been focused in the lenses of some of the most talented photographers in the industry today, Christine Kessler, Steve Diet Goedde, Charles Gatewood, Dave Naz, and Stephen McClure to name just a few. In addition to those "long ass legs", she is known for her easygoing, friendly personality and unwillingness to be taken too seriously. So it is easy to understand why her sense of humor so often precedes her.

The name. A friend tagged Miss Conduct with her moniker which, despite popular belief, was derived from her passion for hockey. Coupled with the way she looks, it seemed to have just fit and stuck.

The youngest of seven children and the only girl, raised in no place in particular back East, she currently resides, along with a buck toothed cat, in San Francisco , California .

Here’s what Some Other People Have Had To Say…

“Wow! That's about all I can manage to say when I think about Miss Conduct. This Flaming Haired Hellkitten has been featured on more fetish sites and magazines than you can count. She's hot, she has flaming red hair, she gets naked, what more could a guy ask for?”
~ I Love The Devil

“Miss Conduct is a Bay Area beauty that I just love to work with. She's absolutely stunning with a really unique, almost severe, look. The funny thing about her is that she's actually a total tomboy. Her favorite thing to do is work on old cars.”
~ Christine Kessler, Perv City

“Miss Conduct, yep! That is her stage name, she is a wonderful model to work with. A fetish model with red hair and tattoos, this time I shot her as a fetish model, I like the way she looks. It really does not matter, how a model looks it is their attitudes that makes the special pics, you need the right attitude to the right setting. But a bad attitude is always bad.”
~ LesTer, Photographer

“Hell-Kitten, Corset Queen, Bondage Goddess, or Pin-up Girl. This 'Miss' brings high energy, experience, and a lot of attitude to her BDShowcase shoots. Flaming red hair, Long-ass legs, and Kickin' curves, Miss Conduct shows us why she's one of the premier faces in fetish modeling.”
~ Lewis, BDShowcase

“The blazing red hair, the porcelain fair skin, those long legs, she was meant for fetish. Her legs seem to go on forever, and she looks awesome in boots or stilettos. She's what happens when the tomboy of the neighborhood grows up into a gorgeous kick ass woman. I am proud to have her as my newest cover-girl!”
~ Editor, Lipstick N Leather Magazine

“That Hell-Kitten is a Corset Queen, Bondage Goddess, Pin-up Girl, Fetish Princess and she gets NAKED! What more could a kinky queen Ask for!”
~ Marlayna Lacie's WEBSEX WORLD, Nugget Magazine

“Anyone that will get made up to look dead, pose dead in a very cold crappy bar all for the sake of art is OK in my book. Now if she could only find her shoes......”
~ Shard Arts, Photographer

“I wish I could take photos of this delicious girl but she won't let me… Miss C is a true jewel that I wish I could wear more often.”
~ Steve Diet Goedde , Photographer

“I knew Miss Conduct before she was world famous, so back off. It's true last month I think I fell off her favorites list when I stopped going to those fetish parties with her. But I still love her. She kept me company once when I lost my mind, and has made my backyard rock garden famous thanks to photo shoots I didn't even know about. But seriously, here's the thing about Miss Conduct for those who only know her as the pinup goddess - you can be yourself around her, she's one of the warmest, most accepting people I know. (Although, as I write this, I just realized she called me NEUROTIC. WTF?? Clearly she's also DELUSIONAL. ) Anyway, if you killed a man, and you're starting to wonder whether you did the right thing, talk to Miss Conduct. She'll help you work through it. Then she'll follow that up by trying to make you do something bad, dangerous or illegal.”
~ Marc Jameson, Longtime Personal Friend

Model Statistics:

Professional Name: Miss Conduct
Location: San Francisco, Ca. U.S.A.
OMP Profile: 9589
DOB: 09/16/1976
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 117-119 Pounds
Chest: 35B Completely Natural
Waist: 23-24 inches
Hips: 33 inches
Dress Size: 5/6
Shoe Size: 6 1/2
Current Hair Color: Fire Engine Red
Natural Hair Color: Blonde (Shhh, don't tell.)
Hair Length: Very Long, Waist Length
Eye Color: Brown/Hazel
Skin Color: Fair/Pale
Tattoos, Piercings, Etc.: Numerous tattoos on arms and shoulders. Most notable; cat portrait on upper left arm, round tribal bat on left breast, hot rod styled flames on left shoulder, girl on swing on right shoulder. ALL TATTOOS CAN BE CONCEALED COMPLETELY and rendered entirely undetectable if more appropriate for job per request prior to shooting. Tattoos will be covered using a specialty makeup developed for film production. Applied using an airbrush, area that contained the tattoo is indistinguishable from rest of skin, can only be removed using a solvent and does not rub off on clothing, wear off, or need to be reapplied after time. Piercings; three on left nostril, nine on left ear, two on right ear. Jewelry generally NOT worn and/or removed prior to shooting, unless specifically requested.

WebSite: http://www.hell-kitten.com
Alternate WebSite: http://www.musecube.com/MissConduct
EMail: missconduct@hell-kitten.com
Alternate EMail: missconduct13@yahoo.com

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