Secret Issue #36 is out

One year has passed and I was only able to produce one issue. What has happened? To be quite honest, my USA distributors didnít pay me for the last two issues and I was almost broke, finished. Thanks to a reader, a fan, an admired of Secret Magazine, I was able to print this issue, but sadly enough, it was only printed at 1000 copies! A limited edition! A collectors item!

We were forced to reduce the print run of SECRET Magazine because nobody is buying it anymore. Again why? Probably because our readers now all have Internet, notepads, smart phones, where a quick fix is so easy, so fast, and so virtual! Sex, porn, fetish, rubber, leather, dominatrix, Mistresses...itís all available online, for free, so people donít buy quality products anymore. We have passed from the paper area to the digital world. Most of the magazines are online now. News travels at the speed of Face book pages, twitters, blogs, and so on, that paper publications are unable to follow this. Itís called evolution. After 21 years of publishing Iím sad but also joyful, because I still want to go on and bring quality to my readers. Iím cheerful because Iím in good health, my kids and wife are so excellent, the store is still going and Iím able to travel around the world and discover all kind of new things, see beauty, feel the wind in my face and hear the laughter of my loved ones.

The fetish world as Iíve know it has changed. The BDSM world that has experienced an enormous evolution has changed. There are many eclectic groups, rules, fan clubs, blogs, books, shows about a more specific fetish, rather than a whole group of people who were ďoutsidersĒ. Yes, we were looked at as aliens, as freaks, as abnormal, as perverts and sometimes judged without knowing whom we really were. But mainstream advertising campaigns, rock stars like Madonna have changed our perception of domination, fetish, high heels,... so much that it has become part of the normal world we live it. One can walk around in a rubber suit in Berlin and only few will ask themselves what that new fashion is. People know now but they are not shocked anymore. So I have noticed that a new group of people has set new standards to try to shock the mainstream thinking/attitude. They want blood and lots of it. Is ďblood - fascinationĒ a fetish? Iím open for a discussion.

We donít know what tomorrow will bring, what surprises will come our way, or what fascinating experiences we will live in the next years to come. Try to enjoy it to the maximum and live your dream.

JŁrgen Boedt
Iím a slave of my own creation.

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